The road to your future is right here at Sweet

Starting nearly 20 years ago, we have grown into the company you see today. Working together to become one of the top 250 Carriers in the country. We couldn’t have done this without the help, support, dedication, and hard work from every single person here…Both in the past and present.  

We love what we do. We love our people.

Long Haul & Regional Runs

The Drivers, Employees, Equipment, Technology, and Support you can rely on. Trusted by Fortune 5000 companies from across the United States.

Our Equipment & Drivers

With our fleet of trucks, partners, and drivers from around the country, we can take care of practically any shipping needs you may have. Track all your shipments in real-time…Even the load itself. We’ll never leave you wondering where your shipment is

Dedicated Support Staff

One of the most important things we do…Supporting our drivers 24/7 so you know that, when we pick-up your load, it’s getting there safe and on-time. You have a business to run, we have good to deliver…Let us handle the details.


3050 Breton Rd SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512


Monday – Friday 8AM –  5PM


Phone: 616.241.9200